If you want to give your audience an event with a difference, then booking the right keynote speaker is a must. Sean Dwan is an engaging, enthusiastic speaker who is passionate about public speaking. Sean is a wonderful storyteller and has many stories and tales to tell about his career in public speaking and beyond. 

Sean's intention is to always motivate, inspire and educate his audience in 3 key areas.

Networking effectively is a terrific method of building relationships and winning more business opportunities.

Alas, my experience when attending such events is that the majority of people do not know how to network effectively.

To deliver a Powerful/Riveting Presentation -  it must be delivered with conviction, authority and confidence.

Delivered in such a manner, will empower the audience and enable them to win more business contracts.

When competing with other similar businesses, ability to deliver a Riveting Presentation will give you/your company a significant edge over your competitors.

A Great Leader will help your colleagues become better and sometimes Great Leaders.  Research shows that companies/communities, with poor leaders have huge challenges which include : -


  • Holding on to great staff
  • Lack of Empathy which leads to lack of ambition among staff
  • Lack of Inspiration which leads to apathy and indifference
  • Lack of Planning, which leads to carelessness among staff
Motivational Speaker
About The Trainer

Sean Dwan has a passion for training people to enable them to be great at delivering presentations and public speaking. Sean has spent many years helping his clients on an individual basis and in group settings.

Sean believes that first and foremost people need to be themselves. He will equip you with the necessary skills to help you present and speak your thoughts and opinions in your own personal style with clarity and confidence.