Sean delivered a Presentation at the TECH CONNECT LIVE 17 Conference in Dublin 31/05/17, which was attended by 3,500 delegates.

The Title of the Presentation : “A Powerful Presentation is The Winning Formula”

During the presentation, Sean identified that a lot of people have great products/services, but don’t know how to properly communicate that fact to potential customers.  They have confidence in their products but have not got the confidence in speaking to groups when given the opportunity.

Research shows that 41% of Business people are petrified when speaking to groups.  Sean also raised awareness, that in most situations, there are competitors, and in order to gain an edge, a powerful presentation will win the Contract/Business.

Sean also pointed out that, The Presenter is always the NO 1 VISUAL.  Despite what people think, it is not power point.  Power point is a great tool.  However research shows that 95%  of power point presentations are terrible.

In business, people buy from people and what can really enhance that exchange, is real human connection.  That won’t happen if your concentration is on the next slide you are going to show”.

Sean quoted the well known Business Leader George Yen

  •   “To Be able to speak in public to groups is magical.  It permeates your whole being”