Celine Spengeman

Many thanks for your two day course of 13th/14th July. It was a truly remarkable life-changing experience.
The consistent positive and encouraging tone and clear feedback from the video presentations, helped me to take that ‘leap of faith’ into a discovery that presenting well is not only an experience of skill for myself, but more importantly, an experience of fun and enjoyment, for the audience. ‘Know your audience,‘ you said,  is something I took onboard the first day.
Though I have worked as a teacher and a writer, and now a mediator, it was important that I learn the value of public speaking without the usual fear and panic setting in. Your understanding warm and patient tone confronted the fear, which disappeared on the second day! I was suprised by the ‘race horse energy’ – just as you said would happen- and not the usual need to run and disappear!
With the use of the practised techniques from your course and follwing the outline of a  formatted preparation,  I can now look forward to my first public engagement in a forum, talking about the importance and need for mediation in our society today.
Thanks Sean.

Celine Spengeman

Anne Sexton – Rochestown Park Hotel

I really enjoyed the two day training course with Speak for Success International – I have learnt lots and will be implementing the magic STEAK-SIZZLE-STYLE formula to all presentations going forward. The course is excellent in so far as it provides the tools and training as well as independent ongoing evaluation to reinforce the key messages at each stage of the learning process throughout the two days. Sean’s enthusiasm, attention to detail and professionalism keeps the pace perfect and being able to call on Sean for specific advice going forward is real added value.

Anne Sexton
Business Development Manager
The Four Star Deluxe Rochestown Park Hotel
Douglas, Cork.

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