SpeakersTrainingCamp® – A Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Workshop

public speaking course completionSean Dwan provides on-site training and hands-on workshops for people who would like to improve their public speaking abilities and methods of presentation. He is an International Certified SpeakersTrainingCamp Instructor ®, and is famous for his great sense of humour, optimism, enthusiasm and his personable approach. The SpeakersTrainingCamp® is known throughtout the world and has been provided to companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Voxpro Communications, Contracting Plus, Cook Medical, Merrill Brink International, ESB , Goulding Fertilizers/Chemicals, British Airways, Owens Corning, General Dynamics, Fortune 500 Companies, Educational Institutions and a wide range of small and medium sized companies. Session lengths of the SpeakersTrainingCamp® workshop can be adjusted to accommodate your specific needs.

General Outline

  • Top-rated Presentation Skills Workshop.
  • Limited to 8 People.
  • 80% Active Participation.
  • Individual Coaching.
  • Individual Take – Home Video.
  • 47-Page SpeakerTrainingCamp® Manual.

You Will Learn

  • How to organize and deliver effective presentations.
  • The ONLY presentation template you will ever need for organizing your thoughts, stating your points clearly and making an impact with your audience.
  • You will learn the Top Three Techniques for capturing your audience attention and maintaining their interest throughout your presentation every time.
  • No 1 Thing that an audience wants from a presenter.
  • TOP 10 Turn Offs to avoid when presenting.
  • How to dress appropriately for every audience.
  • How to make a good impression on your audience.
  • Voice Projection.
  • Eye Contact and Facial Expression.
  • Appropriate gestures and body language.

Programme Highlights

  • Master the magic of memorable presenters.
  • Captivate your audience.
  • Cut preparation time in half.
  • Become more dynamic.
  • Organise your thoughts.
  • Apply 10 techniques for handling nervousness.
  • Maximise your voice.
  • Make dull facts and figures come to life.
  • Effectively use humour.
  • Handle questions with ease.
  • Avoid the top terrible turn-offs.
  • The SpeakersTrainingCamp® programme will improve your speaking and presentation skills beyond all recognition.
  • Your confidence and self esteem will soar.

Who Attends SpeakersTrainingCamp®

Anyone who is scared to death of speaking in public and anyone who wants to be a terrific public speaker and presenter: business people – including sales professionals, business owners, engineering, electronics and technical people, government employees, banking executives, medical professionals, pharmaceutical industry personnel, educators, solicitors, accountants and many more.

We provide training for Beginners who are new to speaking in public. We’ll help them remove the fear and teach them simple steps for success.

We provide training for Salespeople to help them close sales and deliver a clear and consistent message to their prospects and clients.

We provide training for Executives who need to project confidence, credibility, and professionalism when they speak at meetings, at conferences, to investors, or to the media.