Benefit of Powerful Presentations


Delivering powerful presentations to groups in public with conviction, authority and confidence is magical.


It permeates your Being:


More importantly, a powerful presentation will : –


  • Showcase Your Business


  • Give your customers/clients confidence in You


  • Help you to sell your products and services


  • Will enable you to provide solutions to your potential clients

What will I do if my mind blanks completely?

What will I do if My Mind Blanks completely during a

Presentation or a speech” ?


You can do any one or more of the following :


1    Be sure to have LARGE, easy to read Notes, so you can access them quickly


2    Turn it over to some kind of Audience Involvement


3    Ask the Audience – Now Where was I ??


4    Think about – What is the topic and what are the 2 Most Important Things

                               I want to Talk about


5    Walk over to the Flipchart and start writing something



The above remedies will get you back on track again.

Key Tips for Networking in Business

There are a number of ways to enhance your Business, for example


–    Social Media

–    Testimonials

–    Referrals

–    Networking


NETWORKING provides people with the opportunity to meet other like minded

people.  NETWORKING is not about selling to other people, but making initial contact

on a face to face basis. 


Networkers can then decide if a subsequent meeting would be a good idea.


NETWORKING  –   Face to Face meetings is the best way to meet other people

where you can enhance your business and you can enhance theirs.


Remember “Givers Gain”  –  when you network, think of how you can help

other people.  The benefits to you as a result, will be great.



If you can speak in public with conviction, confidence and authority, you will

be a very good Networker, and your business will definitely grow.


When I attend meetings and various functions I often find that the

Facilitator/Chairperson, is not in control of the meeting.

As a result, there is a lot of time wasting.  Time and time again another meeting

is scheduled to conclude a previous meeting.

This occurs when the Facilitator/Chairperson does not :

1)    Have a clear Agenda

2)    Is not Assertive

3)    Is not Time Conscious

Remember, if the Facilitator is not in charge and moving the meeting along quickly, then nobody is in charge. Imagine a team, whether is sport, in business, in social gatherings where there is no one guiding the  proceedings  –

            –          Then you have chaos

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