When I attend meetings and various functions I often find that the

Facilitator/Chairperson, is not in control of the meeting.

As a result, there is a lot of time wasting.  Time and time again another meeting

is scheduled to conclude a previous meeting.

This occurs when the Facilitator/Chairperson does not :

1)    Have a clear Agenda

2)    Is not Assertive

3)    Is not Time Conscious

Remember, if the Facilitator is not in charge and moving the meeting along quickly, then nobody is in charge. Imagine a team, whether is sport, in business, in social gatherings where there is no one guiding the  proceedings  –

            –          Then you have chaos

Unconscious Incompetence


Every Person Has Skills

When I train people on an Individual Basis – the majority of them say to me –

“I am the worst person you have ever trained”  –  NOT TRUE !


By saying this, they are conveying the fact that they lack self-esteem and confidence.


The good news is that every single person has strengths and weaknessess.


I will identify in 60 seconds a person’s strengths and weaknessess.


The intention then, is to enhance the strengths they already have, and practice to improve the weakness.


There is nothing more satisfying for a trainee than to realise that they are gaining in confidence and that they can speak to groups having participated in the SpeakersTrainingCamp(R) Workshop.


It is a life long skill and will benefit in all aspects of life, both personally and professionally.

Public Speaking/Presentation Skills give a person the Greatest Confidence


Almost everybody would like to be more confident.

Confidence give people contentment and a degree of relaxation.  When in this state of mind, conversing with other people and not be nervous, will put you in a position to acquire more business.

There are ways to gain confidence (eg) –  Stop Comparing yourself to others, Avoid Negative people and Avoid Worrying about what other people may think of you.

However, I consider being able to speak to groups with conviction, authority and gusto, is the greatest confidence builder of all.  This confidence derived from having that skill, will be apparent in every aspect of you life.

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