Testimonial – Angelo Santomauro – Lufthansa In Touch

DATE:   22nd MARCH  2016



I was offered the opportunity to take a Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Training, and I was lucky to meet Sean Dwan.

I was struck by the simplicity and effectiveness of the Training content beautifully delivered by Sean.

Every single hour Sean dedicated to me was of high value; the passion, the enthusiasm, the knowledge, the way feedback was given, the tips received, all supported by the very long experience Sean has.

I highly recommend you to look for Speak for Success InternationalSean Dwan –  to go the extra mile and get to a higher level of confidence, preparation and skills.




Angelo Santomauro

Team Manager Travel Agency Support and Reservation Italy


Lufthansa InTouch


Eastpoint Business Park – The Plaza 1st Floor – Clontarf

Dublin 3


Phone: +353 1 819 1158

Fax: +353 1 819 1090

E-mail: angelo.santomauro@dlh.de




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