Sales Presentation Training Courses, Public Speaking Courses & Presentation Skills Training

Motivational Speaker, Conference Speaker, MC, Interviewee Trainer & Facilitator

Sean Dwan - Public Speaking InstructorEver needed to make a presentation to your management team?
Are you nervous when you have to make a speech?
Are your sales presentations effective?

Sean Dwan has over a decade of experience in offering public speaking courses and presentation skills training and has spent most of his professional life in a sales role.

At Speak for Success International, Sean provides presentation skills training and public speaking courses both, on-site and in public workshops. Sean also delivers Sales Presentations Training Course. The Speakers Training Camp aims to inspire confidence, whether you are a CEO, Salesperson, Business Owner or an executive.

During our public speaking courses, you will learn

  • The “No. 1 Thing” an audience wants from its presenter
  • The 3 Techniques you MUST have when presenting
  • Eye Contact, Facial Expressions and Body Language
  • The 10 Terrible Turn Offs
Participating in the speaking courses and presentation skills workshops also provides numerous benefits for participants, including
  • Decreases Nerves
  • Increase in Confidence
  • Cutting preparation time in half
  • Become twice as interesting
  • Become a more dynamic presenter
Find out more about our 2-day workshops, or contact Sean directly on +353 86 0291809, use the Contact Form to the right or email us.